Signups now available for golf crouqet games!

We will begin playing golf croquet games next Saturday, March 6. Sign up using this Google sheet to reserve your spot. Games will be played at 10:00 am each Saturday (weather permitting–we will not play if the temperature is below 45 degrees). Once the weather warms up, we may need to move to a different date/time as we share the court with the lawn bowling club. Games are held at 200 DeSoto Park Lane.

4 thoughts on “Signups now available for golf crouqet games!

    1. Hi Dory, the croquet pass is available on the POA website (, in the members area under Passes and Registrations. You should see us listed separately now. There are options for members, couples, and super seniors.


  1. I think there will be 3 girls and would like to come on April 15 on Thursday to check it out. Would that be ok? or is there something else we need to do??


    1. That’s great! I answered your email, but all you need to do is make sure your names are on the signup sheet so we know to expect you, and let Serena know you are there to play for the first time when you arrive.


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