World Croquet Day and Open House This Weekend

We have a big weekend of croquet ahead. In addition to our normal six-wicket game on Thursday, Saturday is World Croquet Day and Sunday will be our Open House event. We will play golf croquet as usual on Saturday–a great way to celebrate! Our Open House will be Sunday afternoon, from 2-4 pm. If you’veContinue reading “World Croquet Day and Open House This Weekend”

Croquet Tips: The Hit-It-Back Distance Drill

From time to time as I find them, I will pass along some croquet tips I find interesting. This one comes from the man who introduced me to the game, Dylan Goodwin. The “Hit It Back Distance Drill” could come in especially handy for HSV Croquet players as we do play on a fast, artificialContinue reading “Croquet Tips: The Hit-It-Back Distance Drill”

Signups now available for golf crouqet games!

We will begin playing golf croquet games next Saturday, March 6. Sign up using this Google sheet to reserve your spot. Games will be played at 10:00 am each Saturday (weather permitting–we will not play if the temperature is below 45 degrees). Once the weather warms up, we may need to move to a different date/time asContinue reading “Signups now available for golf crouqet games!”