Summer hours!

As the calendar turns to May, we switch to our summer hours (through September). That means golf croquet on Monday nights starting at 6 pm, and American six-wicket on Wednesday and Thursday nights starting at 6 pm. Although the forecast for the first week of May is not good, we hope you will join us many times over the summer.

We do ask that you use our sign-up sheet if you are planning to play six-wicket games so we know how many people to expect.

2 thoughts on “Summer hours!

  1. I am wanting to play 6 wicket Croquet on Thursdays evenings
    I have come several times but no one is there.
    Last time there was only 2 of us and had to turn around and go back home
    We should get some kind of compensation


    1. Hi, I’m sorry that no one was there on those nights. We do ask that you use our signup sheet for Wednesday and Thursday nights so we can be sure someone will be there.


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